Parenting is no less than an adventure. It is undoubtedly one of the most challenging jobs in the world, where exorbitant baby books, podcasts, and videos cannot fully prepare you for what lies ahead. 

In the Philippines, newborn babies are frequently shown affection, attention, and concern as part of the parenting approach. Infants' basic needs, such as feeding, changing diapers, and maintaining a pleasant and secure atmosphere, are often provided by parents in a caring and supportive manner.

A newborn poops and pees a lot in the initial months. Given the number of diapers newborns soil during the day, about 6 to 18, new parents must know about the available diaper brands, sizes, types, the best ones for newborns, and so forth.  

New parents can even practice putting diapers on a baby doll before their little one arrives. To ensure you get the most comfortable diapers for your baby, we have compiled a list of the best diaper brands in the Philippines to make it easier for you. Let’s check it out.

Best Diaper Brands in the Philippines for New Parents

New parents are often overwhelmed by the number of things they have to get for their child and the available options for everything from milk to diapers to accessories. Changing your baby’s diaper timely is crucial to their health, comfort, and well-being. Babies use most diapers during the newborn stage.

The number of diapers reduces as they grow up. Since plenty of newborn diaper brands out there claim to be the best for your little one, new parents are often in a dilemma while deciding on the best one for their baby. Before setting out to buy diapers, new parents have to factor in the following:

  • Brand
  • Material
  • Price
  • Breathability
  •  Absorbency
  • Leakage Protection
  • Fit

The best diaper brand in the Philippines uses natural materials, including hemp and cotton. These materials are absorbent and breathable, so your baby remains dry. Now, let’s get down to the list of the best diaper brands that new parents can use for their newborns:

  1. PampersBaby Dry Taped Diaper

One of the most well-known diaper brands in the world, the PamperBaby Dry Taped Diaper is designed to keep the baby’s skin safe and soft using breathable materials. This newborn diaper lets hot air out, allows your baby’s skin to breathe, and prevents irritation. 

Seemingly thin, Pampers diapers absorb quickly and can keep the baby dry for up to 12 hours. Three magic channels prevent the diaper from sagging, reduce pee contact with skin, and absorb wetness fast.


  • Comes with skin-protecting lotion to soothe baby’s skin
  • The three magic channels for front and back absorption
  •  Stretchy tapes
  • Wetness indicator
  1. HuggiesNatural Soft Newborn Diaper

HuggiesNatural is made of natural cotton, so you can rest assured that your baby will remain dry and comfortable. The breathable cover allows for air circulation that keeps the skin dry. HuggiesNatural Soft Newborn Diaper provides overnight absorbency, so your little one sleeps soundly at night. 

It comes with Runny Poo Leakguard, a leakage-preventing feature in the form of a back pocket to minimize runny poo to reduce contact with your baby’s skin. The Poo Absorb Liner pulls and locks away the liquid poop.


  •  Made with natural cotton
  • Soft stretch ears ensure a snug fit
  • Wetness indicator
  • Runny Poo Leakguard

Source FreePik

  1. MamyPokoExtra Dry Taped Diaper

MamyPokoExtra Dry Taped Diaper keeps your baby extra dry and features new speed wave sheets for quick absorption. The fast-absorbing wave sheets offer excellent absorption to keep the baby dry and comfortable. 

MamyPokoExtra Dry Taped Diaper can last up to 12 hours, so your baby sleeps snugly and comfortably. These diapers use soft non-woven fabric for your baby’s comfort. The waistband is also made from the same material and is gentle on the waist.


  • Speed Wave Sheets for excellent absorption
  • Soft non-woven fabric of diaper and waistband
  • Re-attachable tapes
  • Last up to 12 hours
  1. HuggiesNewborn Dry Diapers

Specially designed to keep the delicate skin of your newborn dry, HuggiesNewborn Dry Diapers come with a super absorbent polymer that facilitates faster drying. You don’t need to fret about diaper rash with these. 

The quick absorbent polymer can hold liquid 30 times its normal weight. Since newborn babies pee and poo frequently, these are ideal for dryness and freshness. HuggiesNewborn Dry Diapers come with Runny Poo Leakguard and Poo Absorb Liner, assuring hygiene.


  • Fast-absorbing technology
  • Soft waistband for a comfortable fit
  • Runny Poo Leakguard and Absorb Liner
  • It lasts up to 12 hours
  1. MoonyNatural Baby Diaper

MoonNatural is a Japanese brand and the most expensive newborn variety of diaper brands in the Philippines. These are organic cotton diapers with a weak acidic sheet that keeps the baby’s skin healthy. 

Newborns need a lot of care for their super sensitive and delicate skin. MoonNatural uses no additives or materials that could irritate the baby’s skin. MoonyNatural includes jojoba, olive, and rice oil that have anti-inflammatory properties and keep the skin moisturized. A pad absorbs wetness efficiently and keeps the baby’s skin dry.


  • Made from organic cotton
  • Contain natural oils with moisturizing and anti-inflammatory qualities
  • Runny stool zone
  •  Last up to 12 hours

Source FreePik

  1. EQDry Econo Pack Newborn Diaper

Skin irritation and diaper rashes are common issues new parents face and fear. EQDry is a good choice for babies with sensitive skin. These diapers prevent these problems with their bubble top sheet, reducing the pee area contact with your baby's skin. 

The cotton cover is breathable and allows for good airflow. The side leak guard prevents leakage, and the highly absorbent core with ADL pulls the pee away from the baby’s skin. The magic tapes are wider and resist baby powder and baby oil.


  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Bubble top sheet
  • Breathable cotton cover
  • Side leak guards
  • High absorbent core
  1. DrypersTouch Newborn Baby Diaper

These diapers offer ultimate comfort and softness for the baby. Drypers uses the softest materials equipped with pro-skin technology that keeps your baby dry and comfortable. The materials prevent skin irritation or diaper rash. 

Another noteworthy feature of this newborn diaper is its cut-out design to protect your baby’s belly button while it heals. Drypers' soft embossed surface pulls away pee from the surface, so your baby remains dry. The new Filipino parents can buy this in bulk before having their baby and save money too.


  •  Soft material with pro-skin technology
  • Prevent diaper rash and skin irritation
  • Belly-button protection
  • The embossed surface reduces pee contact with the skin


Every parent wants the best for their baby. Regarding formula or diapers, there are abundant options to pick from. If you have a baby on the way and have yet to decide which diaper brand Philippines would be most suitable for your little one, this guide could help you decide.