Arguably the biggest holiday on the calendar is upon us. As the clock ticks down towards Christmas, many are racing to discover just “how do I make my house feel festive?” Artisans Rose has the perfect Christmas home decorations ideas to get you started. These designs we’re going to talk about will make your house magical, with unique decorations that will get your guests talking. So let’s get started on a couple of merry ways to turn up the festive style as you get your ducks in a row for the holiday of the year. Let’s get to it then. 

  • Get a few festive tables for more eccentric drink rests

Your table is going to see a lot of action this holiday, and chances are you may not have enough counter space if you’re hosting a large party. That’s why you need to consider getting a couple of hand-painted Arsenois tables from Artisans Rose.

Drenched in bold red, with amazing artwork and detailing reverberating across the sides, these pieces of furniture are a great way to channel the Christmas spirit. You could pick out a pair or more and place them around your house to serve as drink rests around high-traffic areas of your home. This includes places such as:

  • Your living room
  • Corridors
  • Around entrances, etc. 

Essentially a bedside table, the Arsenois feels right at home just about anywhere you put it. However, you want to keep it out of reach of sunlight for good measure. 

  • Don’t forget your festive seats as well

You’ve got yourself some colorful tables, now let’s talk seats. With the holiday and guests coming around, you want to increase the seating capacity of your home by getting new furniture. We advise getting something minimalist that you can easily store and take out as the need arises.

Beyond that, it still needs to conform with the feel of the season, and we have just the suggestion that ticks both boxes: the semi-industrial bar chair from Artisans Rose. Soaked in fiery polished Christmas red, a couple of these seats will feel perfectly in place with your Christmas theme. If you have a bar or drink area set aside in your home, you’ll need to grab a couple of these pronto. 

  • Give your walls new life and energy with the right wall décor 

Your wall can make or break the illusion of Christmas simply because there’s a lot of it to go around. So your wall décor needs to be done right as it will largely determine what type of vibe your home is going to give off. 

So what should I hang on my wall for Christmas? We have a few suggestions to help get your walls in line with the Christmas feel, and here they are: 

  • The Kleio vintage wall frame: This rustic piece of furniture looks like it might have very well been involved in the very first Christmas but it’s a splendid way to give your home that past-century Christmas charm. Moreover, it has plenty of mirrors which are sure to magnify and double the elegance of other Christmas decorations in any room 
  • Festive foliage: To tap into the vitality of Christmas, you need a little green around your home. Luckily, you can easily put together the Christmas greenery you need by just bundling up some eucalyptus into a wreath. To add a splash of color, consider including one set (4 pieces) of wood apple Christmas décor to each piece of foliage. 
  • Framed pictures: If you require to add activity and interest to your walls to give guests something to look at, the puppet wall art collection by Artisans Rose is a great way to invite culture and festive style into your living space
  • Decorate your tree like a pro with fun and quirky ornaments

Any Christmas simply wouldn’t be complete without the right centerpiece. If you’re wondering what Christmas tree trends 2022 has to offer, we are mostly witnessing a preference for natural trees although artificial varieties are the go-to for homeowners working with limited space.

In terms of colors, this year mostly seems to be taking a liking to metallic silver or white, with accents of the usual gold and green. However, bolder individuals are even leveraging lavender. 

A tree is often the canvas for Christmas home decor to come alive, and if you’re short on inspiration on this end, here’s how we suggest sprucing up your tree this Christmas: 

  • Red pearl ball Christmas tree ornaments: These handmade pearl balls go well with any tree, big or small, color notwithstanding as well. 
  • Drunk star ornaments: This “wasted” drunk star set is definitely going to raise a few eyebrows- and laughs. It pairs superbly with any tree as well and comes accompanied by a cherry Christmas tree ornament, a gingerbread man, and a charming gift sac. Your tree couldn’t have better buddies.
  • Santa assortment pack: This set contains miniature Santa, reindeer, and star ornaments, and is a great way to capture Christmas’ leading acts in one swoop 

But that’s not all. You can buy these and discover even more Christmas home decorations ideas over at the Artisans Rose online store. 

  • Create a cozy festive mood with candles

Christmas is synonymous with lighting candles. This age-long tradition has many symbolisms, some believing it to be a commemoration of the Star of Bethlehem, and others stating it references Jesus, who is heralded as the “light of the world.”

Whatever the reason behind it, candles have become a part of the Christmas culture the world over. Consequently, you also need the right candle holders to further help accentuate the seasons. Here are some of our suggestions to this effect: 

  • Iantha vintage wooden candle holder
  • Ioanna vintage wooden candle holder
  • Hekate vintage charpoy candle holder

All these rustic pieces are a great way to turn on the Christmas style by leveraging the charm of yesteryears. 


That does it for our Christmas home decorations ideas for 2022. Now you should have a great idea of how to get the Christmas vibe into your home. Mix and match as you see fit, play about with the colors and don’t be afraid to be creative and push the envelope. Of course, you can buy all the pieces we’ve discussed herein, as well as other Christmas home decor, over at the Artisans Rose website. Presently, the company is offering a 10% discount on select items so head over there now.